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Private Investigation and Capital Mitigation Services


In addition to the books we publish, we also provide private investigation services including Criminal Defense and Mitigation investigations


  • Scorched Earth Records retrieval

  • Extensive  witness location, interviews and development of timelines

  • Preparation of mitigation materials for pre-trial, sentencing and appellate issues


  • People often don't disclose bad behavior; perhaps there's something you should know?

  • Dating, employment and tenant screening

  • Nationwide service


  • File recovery and extraction from "dead" systems

  • Operating system re-installs

  • Software installations

  • Malware software eradication

  • Wired and wireless network setup and configuration


  • Records Retrieval

  • Fraud and Insurance Claims

  • Cyber-Bullying Investigation

  • Adoption

  • On-Line Privacy

  • Internet and Social Media Investigations


Process Service / Civil and Criminal Investigations / Records Retrieval / Witness Interviews / Accident Claims

We love to work with attorneys! SLI provides a variety of Civil and Criminal services to attorneys.  These include Subpoena and Summons services, with a complementary address verification. We also provide records retrieval, and witness location and interviews. We investigate accident claims and conduct background checks and skip-trace services. We are highly skilled in criminal defense and death penalty mitigation.


Employment & Tenant Screening / Computer Forensics / Fraudulent Claims / Hidden Camera / Employee Misconduct

We provide nationwide background checks for employment and tenant screening. We provide assistance with suspected employee misconduct or fraudulent claims. We also provide a number of computer services related to business issues, including Internet and Social Media investigations, and can conduct comprehensive system work to determine if there is unauthorized activity on your business systems.


General Surveillance / Dating and Matrimonial / Domestic Investigations / Missing Persons / Cyber-Bullies / Digital Surveillance

If a situation is making you feel vulnerable and you need a little help, please call us. We handle anything from running a background report on the new person you're dating, to providing surveillance to see if your spouse is cheating. We have helped re-unite children with biological parents, sorted out risky teenage behaviors, and identified cyber-bullies. We help locate missing persons, and find people who may not even know they're lost. Do you suspect there may be hidden activity on your computer?


Gathering and documenting accurate information to solve problems has been a lifelong pursuit. I have spent my entire professional career tracking down people and records, to learn all I can, for both civil and criminal situations. My clients have included individuals and businesses, attorneys and corporate law firms, as well as people incarcerated on Alabama and Georgia death rows. My tasks are as simple as tracing phone numbers to running deep background checks on potential dating partners; to reuniting adult children with biological parents, to finding cyber-bullies and investigating teens with risky behaviors.  

At SLI, there is not much we can't do. Since 1996, I have had  hundreds of clients throughout the southeastern United States, and completed my last Alabama criminal defense case in August 2014. A recent relocation to northern Utah means building a new client base while enjoying the beauty of the American west. Our team has grown to include licensed investigators specializing in computer security, operations and technology, as well as a specialist in financial systems.

Please contact us to discuss your personal needs. 


"I have used Susan Lehmann for investigative service and have known her for almost 20 years. (We met when she started providing services for my office.) I also consider her a friend. Her reports are always excellent, and she always handled process service efficiently. She is also highly intelligent and perceptive. She is discreet with her work, and I always found that she was one of the best at surveillance."

J. Austin, Attorney, Alabama

"I worked with very closely with Susan in connection with representation of a death row inmate in Alabama.  I  came to the case quite late, so I learned the facts of the case by reading Susan's excellent interview memoranda.  Susan and I then conducted further interviews, often after she had tracked down people who were hard to find because of the passage of time and because they did not want to be found."

B. Rosenberg, Attorney, New York

"Well, I am officially blown away. As many of you know, our family was devastated by the loss of my mother's brother and his son within 2 years of each other in the early 80's. His wife and my cousin's mother survived... but basically disappeared from our family... until this afternoon. Many thanks to Susan Lehmann Investigations for doing the leg work and finding Aunt Elaine."

B. Treadway, Utah


Susan Lehmann, Investigator

Investigator license #G10305, 2013 to present

Private Eyes Investigations, LLC, 1996-2014

For a complimentary and discreet consultation, enquiries may be made using this contact form. References will be provided upon request.

Ogden, Utah 84044
Utah Agency license #P103185

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