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Susan Waller Lehmann

Susan hails from Miami, FL and attended Florida State

University. She discovered writing and journalism while

in college. In 1981, she refused a job with the nascent

CNN thinking Who  would want to watch a

24-hour news channel? Her path in life now

determined by the idea that she would be a real

journalist instead, she put her interview skills to

work as a writer, private investigator, and

death penalty mitigation expert.

Perhaps because the temperate climate of the South

attracts crazies, her life intersected with two serial

killers, and, as a result, her first two books recount

her stories of Ted Bundy in the aftermath of the 1978

Chi Omega murders, and Daniel Rolling during the 1990 Gainesville Student murders.

Her simultaneous professions inform her non-fiction writing, samples of which have earned her a 1996 Eaton Literary Award, a 2016 Utah Original Writing Competition Honorable Mention in Nonfiction and a 1st Place blue ribbon in the 2022 Nellie Bly Book Award for Journalistic Nonfiction.  As a result, she prefers to delve into her wide-ranging experiences as a journalist, private investigator, and death penalty mitigation expert. There ought to be a good story or two in there somewhere. What’s that old saw?


Truth is stranger than fiction.

After the completion of 37 capital murder cases, Susan has focused on completing a collection of PI and mitigation stories, Southern Lies and Homicides: Tales of Betrayal and Murder.  This manuscript was a finalist in the 2022 Chanticleer Shorts for Collections and Novellas. 


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